Turkey Lurkey DO! Leftover Turkey Soup

The Sailor Sisters hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!!!!
   I know my holiday was perfect as I sat across from all of the most important people in my life, laughing about memories of the past.
   If you all are anything like us, you have had your fill of leftovers, but still have a fridge full!!
   After feeling crummy this morning when I woke up, I decided to make turkey soup!! It’s delish and easy!! Here’s how:
~Bring 1 large Turkey stock, 3 cans of turkey broth, and 3 cans of water (using broth cans) to a light simmer.
~add turkey bits, as much as you like!! i add them early for flavor and tenderness.
~then i add onion. i slice thin slivers that melt right in. You can also add celery, carrots or ? whatever floats your boat!!
~sprinkle salt + pepper to taste.
~half a stick of butter
~ grated parmasean cheese lots of it =)
~ i like to add a Liptons soup packet for flavor. its optional.
Let this stuff simmer for about a half hour.
~then, add pasta or rice!! get creative!! i like pasatini or rice. simmer for recommended time on pasta package. usually about 10 minutes, check tenderness to liking and VIOLA!!
turkey soup ingredients and recipeIMG336IMG343

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