Tasty Tuesday! Cheaper than McDonalds!

Happy tasty Tuesday friends!

My mouth is drooling as I write this post! The smell coming my crock pot is delectable!!
And it was cheap….and easy!!!  Little did my sister know,  she was giving me the best Christmas present EVER 2 years ago when she bought me a slow roaster crock pot!
As a new mom, who admittedly spoils her baby, it’s hard to prepare a dinner while snuggling at the same time. BUT, I have found that it takes less than 15 minutes to throw some ingredients together for an awesome meal.

ingredients for a cheap dinner
Shown in the picture is my roast. I bought it on sale at Stop and Shop. It is great to shop meat sales and freeze when you find a great deal. They often offer a few dollars off if the sell by date is approaching. Buy it, freeze it!!  I paid 6.37$ for mine. A top beef roast. Pork is yummy too and usually a bit cheaper.

crock pot dinner
I tenderize my roast simply by stabbing it with a fork.<also a great stress reliever> LOL. I add a can of beef broth and dashed it with olive oil. I salt and pepper the meat. Then add fresh garlic and shallots from the garden. If you are really in a rush, throw in onion and garlic powder. But I like to even make some deep holes in the meat and stuff garlic cloves around.
Then I add carrots, and cubed red potatoes, more salt and pepper  and voila a feist will be done by time the family gets home. All for under $10!!!!

The finished product!

crock pot dinner ready to enjoy

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