Sailboat Wedding Escort Cards

I was pretty lax when it came to wedding planning. So much so, that a few months before the Big Day, I suddenly realized I had given it that little special touch – ENTER SAILBOAT ESCORT CARDS.

I immediately called my sister with my new brilliant idea – knowing she could make it work somehow. She said Origami. I called her dumb, for the first time completely and utterly disappointed in my artistically gift and creative sister… She was right. I was wrong. I had to call her back and apologize not even a day later:

sailboat wedding escort cardsThe origami sailboats I ended up making for my wedding escort cards! (Lesson learned – never second guess my big sister!)

Honestly, it was A LOT of work. I mean, A LOT. Even more so in the midst of wedding planning. It took FOREVER to find the right size and color origami paper, then I personally folded about 150 of these puppies, then after finding the perfect markers – I wrote all of the names and table numbers on them. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely worth it – but I was not prepared for what I was getting myself into.

sailboat wedding escort cardThe final finshed product compliments of my very good friend and wedding guest, Alex!

All in all, definitely recommend this to anyone else. If you have the money though – it might be worth letting someone else do the work. I have been thinking about adding Origami Sailboat Escort Cards to Sailor Sister’s Etsy, but am still undecided — I don’t know if my marriage would last through anymore origami! haha

The Origami Sailboat Pattern I used is here:

Here’s a How To Video!

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