Free and Low Cost Family Health, Fun and Activities at your finger tips!

Have you ever wanted to get your child into a sport or activity and felt like you had to choose between groceries or activities?!

Well, no one should ever have to choose between food and fun! As a single mother and student for many years, I worked hard at low paying jobs to pay the bills. I began to search for ways to get my daughter involved in everything she wanted to do. I have always felt social and physical activity isan important part of my daughters growth.
When she was six months old, I wanted to take her to swimming lessons for infants and mommies. For a one year membership for her and I, it was $435. And that didn’t include the fee for lessons. I went to the office of the local YMCA and asked if they offered any discounts for students. Low and behold,  they have a scholarship program where you are charged based on your income. I ended up paying $8 a month plus I received half off activity fees!!  It was like a gift from heaven. She’s been involved in everything since and has a wonderful and healthy lifestyle because of it. She has a great outlook, and enjoys being part of a team.
As she has grown, I have looked for other scholarship programs and have been successful.  I wanted to share these tips, as I am sure there are many other lower income families out there that could benefit from my research. Don’t be afraid to inquire about discounts either. That’s why they are there!

Here is a list of places and organizations to look for discounts.

  • Your local YMCA, income based membership.
  • School lunch programs. Search online for your districts school lunch program coordinator.  Based on your income, your child could receive free or reduced meals! $2 a day adds up!
  • Wic (women, infants, children) for pregnant women and children under 4.
  • Local summer camps
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Preschools!! Most offer a scholarship program! Shop around until you find one.

PLEASE feel free to comment and add any helpful ways to save!

Good luck discount hunting!  Every child deserves to be involved!


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