National Walk to School Day

Hi y’all!!
 Yesterday was National Walk to School Day!!  It was a rewarding and fun activity to do with my 2nd grader. It was a warm, yet misty and foggy morning, so we put on our rain gear and headed out. The leaves are just about at peak, and there is something beautiful about being out in the early morning. The baby looked around as we walked and my 7 year old talked the entire way. I am not sure how kids at this age have so much to say!?! But it was fun to listen to.
  We met a crowd, also walking to the school at a designated spot. They passed out fancy orange vests to the mothers walking. As I put mine on, all the mothers said “OH! you have a fancy one, its different from ours!” Low and behold, IT WAS ON BACKWARDS!! Only me =)
 We had a police officer help direct traffic down a road with no sidewalks. And the kids paired up with their umbrellas and skipped the whole way. Then the kids recieved treats at school who participated, stickers and flashing reflectors for their bikes, book marks and a pencil!
 It was a wonderful event that brought our neiborhood together. I enjoyed an extra hour of my day with my daugters, and got soggy feet in the process! Not many people know about this day, luckily we have someone in the school district that makes it possible! I encourage anyone interested to get their school districts involved next Oct 3rd!!  Learn more about registration here:
walk to school day
walk to school day

3 responses to “National Walk to School Day

  1. Cool! My son and I used to walk to school almost every day with our dog. That was our special time to practice spelling words and do math problems and just chat about everything and nothing. Such special times!

  2. Thank you for your comment =] You sound like a wonderful mother! Enjoying every moment like walking to school is one of the great pleasures of being a mom. And those are the memories that stick with them for life! My daughter says today, “Mom, I had so much fun walking to school, even though my tushy muscles hurt, can we do it again next year??” Hahaha.
    I would love to walk more often, however, there are a few scary turns in the road where it is hard to see pedestrians, (we live in MA, narrow roads, no shoulder). Maybe my goal should be to address the sidewalk situation with the city!

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