Cute Baby Onesies!

Sailor Sisters or Slacker Sisters???
Well, right about now, anyone who reads this blog is probably ready to make us walk the plank into shark infested waters for not posting for so long….. WAIT, don’t do it yet, we can explain!
Chrissy was married two weekends ago, which consumed her. It was a blast and a wedding that should be covered in the pages of Vogue. She was stunning, and knows how to throw a party!! Between the hand picked dance music, to the photo booth in the bar, it was by far the best wedding I have ever been to!!!
As for me, I took advantage of my sisters busy wedding schedule to get to work. I created some new and fun items to add to our crafty laundry list….and your laundry basket!! BABY ONSIES!! Fiest your eyes on the unveiling of the beginning of our itty bitty baby line! Yet to be named. Currently on Etsy and Ebay!
owl baby onsie
owl onsie yellow
This little onesie is all ready for Halloween and already up on Ebay! Get it here:
skull baby onesie
There could be a fun contest/giveaway on the horizons! Stay Tuned!
Be creative!! Be fun!! Stay Wonderful!!

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