Wedding Card Holder – Refurbished Antique Birdcage

I really love the look of a beautiful white bird cage at weddings – it’s such a creative way to collect cards. Functional and decorative! It was one of the few things I really knew I wanted for my wedding and had my heart set on. The only problem is – those things aren’t cheap! As soon as something is popular for weddings, the price immediately quadruples.

I just wasn’t going to spend $100 on one – not even an option. (Like this one from iparty:

bird cage card holder

$89.99 and it was wobbly! Are they on crack?! Are people actually paying for these?! (no offense to anyone who has purchased one of these).

So I was bound and determined to go to as many garage sales as I needed to this summer until I found the perfect bird cage to turn into a wedding card holder at my reception.

Then one day, on my usual walk on my lunch break through the quaint little town of Deep River, CT – I passed by the Re-tique store there – and guess what was sitting out on the steps!?

bird cage_original

I was on the phone with my sister and immediately screamed in her ear and hung up on her told her I would call her back. I went in and asked the guy how much – he said I will have to call my wife, but how does $50 sound? Eh, $50 didn’t sound that good actually. But he got off the phone with her and came back lower! I got this little gem for $30!!! I didn’t actually grab it right away yet. $30 was still a lot to spend…but when I called Cheri back she called me nuts and told me to grab it – so I did!

Now for the fun part – Re- decorating it!!! This thing was in pretty rough shape. And it still had all of the original bird accessories. My first step? Scrub-a-dub-dub! This thing got quite the cleaning.

Then I went to the store, grabbed some white spray paint and had a really fun afternoon spray painting in my back yard! (The grass also got a little makeover that day!) **Always remember to wear a mask when spray painting

It was well worth it. It’s Wedding Day Ready! –I wish I could say the same for everything else 🙂

wedding card holderwedding bird cage

Now I just can’t decide between the navy blue ribbon on it or the sign that reads “cards” that I made with chalkboard paint!!! Please help me decide by commenting on this  blog post which one you like best!!!

All in all, this was one project that really paid off!

Bird cage $30

Spray paint $10

Labor of love = priceless


bird cage


wedding card holder - redone bird cage



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