Baby and Art: Baby Soothing Cherry Blossom Painting

I tend to draw inspiration from the things most important in my life. My children are my everything. I enjoy watching them experience things for the first time, trying to see things through their eyes, and their reaction to things. Right now, my smallest, is 3+ months old. She is smiling, giggling and reacting to things. What I love, is that she enjoys bright, colorful art as oppose to loud flashy toys.

Baby admiring Cherry Blossom Painting

She would rather look at a flowing cherry blossom painting above her changing table than her little einstein videos. So, in her honor, I am in the midst of creating a couple of different things for her to look at. (In hopes I might earn some extra time to create something… or do the dishes =).

Maybe there are other babies out there that will like them too!

So fiest your eyes, my lovely loves.

There is even one available on ETSY right now!!!

Cherry Blossom Painting



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