Narragansett is an adorable little town on the southern coast of Rhode Island. It is also a little town that is so far out of the way, that 17  party girls could not lure a cab to to save their lives! So we cast our anchors, put on our dancing shoes and drinking caps to celebrate the last fling before my sister’s ring. That’s right gentlemen, in a couple of weeks, the youngest Sailor Sister is officially getting hitched.
Not only the hottest Bachelorette I have ever seen, but the most funnest, yup, I said it, MOST FUNNEST. We turned that little town UPSIDE DOWN! Like a tidal wave, the poor little restaurant/bar Clam Jammers never saw us coming!
As the MOH for this occassion, I racked my little artsy brain on ways I could give this event a little personal touch. First, I made some name tags. I figured, there were going to be girls there from all aspects of Chrissy’s life, professional, family, friends from school… Wouldnt it be fun to introduce each other in a silly fashion. So I took all of the girls names and gave ’em some pizzazz. Some ‘clean’ examples are, Sassy Sue, Mary Me, Low Down Lindsay, Make My Day Marybeth, After Party Alex and my personal favorite, Kiss Me Chrissy, the Bride to BE!
Another idea was to create a fancy drinking glass for the Bachelorette. I had seen them in the stores and thought I could do a little better. Here it is! fun and personal!
bachelorette party glass

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