Adrift at Sea is Alright with Me

Since we first decided to embark on a venture together, Cheri and I have gone through a bajillion few ideas. We finally landed on this blog, but now that it is up and we have some of your attention – what now? What the heck i’s it about? What’s the point? Where is it going? What can our readers expect? Are we going to keep talking like cheesy sailors?

As I started writing posts and trying to plan them out, these questions have been running through my mind. And up until today, I have felt rather limited and therefore, had some writers block and wasn’t getting ANY posts up. Then I realized that it there does not need to be an exact rhyme or reason at this point.

My goal right now is to share things I find interesting, share what my sister and I are working on, learn from others and hopefully inspire and get inspired along the way. Talking like cheesy sailors with my sister is definitely an added bonus!

The answer, quite simply, is we are going wherever the wind blows us! Us Pafumi girls tend to be fairly free-spirited after all. So with this blog, especially, expect the unexpected. We are letting our hair down and our imagination run WILD!

Some ideas of where the wind might blow: Posts about food, art, crafts, inspiration, fashion, nautical inspiration, current events, philanthropy, puppies, DIY, home decor, Rockabilly, photography, rearing children (cheri’s area of expertise), wedding inspiration (we’re both currently engaged!) and other sea-worthy topics!  Ya know, that general direction 🙂



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