Ahoy! Full Speed Ahead!

 Morning all ye land lovers! The slacker artsy sister is chiming in!! I have been busy caring for one of my greatest creations, Charlie Belle, who is now 2 months old and my other masterpiece, Frankie Paige, who is 7 (with the wit of a 17 year old). My girls have kept me busy! Rested and rejuvenated, I am ready to continue creating art FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!
While my sister and I have polar opposite talents (MA in Multimedia Journalism vs. BA in Fine Art!), we are teaming up to take the world by storm! With her brilliant writing and my art, we hope to bring a little of our creative touch to YOU!!!
I am dabbling currently with some new ideas, but continue to do my traditional sailor tattoo inspired work. Creating custom and personalized work upon request! Tattoo design, item repurposing, paintings, we do it all! Contact my sister with any ideas for times and quotes. Thank Goodness my sister is a marketing genius, or else my work might never be seen!

Feast your eyes on the works we post and check back for updates often! The work displayed doesn’t hang around long!!!


Sailor, Cheri

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