AHOY! And Welcome!

This sister duo is excited to embark on our new venture together – Sailor Sisters!

For years, we have been trying to put our (extremely different) talents together to create one super awesome team and we are so excited it has come together in the form of Sailor Sisters!

My sister, Cheri, is an extremely talented artist. Anything she can get her hands on turns into absolute beauty! I am forever in awe of what she is capable of creating. From paintings, sculptures, clothing, turning something old into something awesome, new and beyond cool – and so much more, she is an artistic genius! — AND she has two beautiful girls that I am absolutely IN LOVE WITH!

Cheri Rockin’ at her annual craft fair! Me on my phone in the background tweeting…typicalll.

While NONE of this artistic talent transferred to me (I can’t draw a stick figure to save my life), I have been dying to put my marketing/pr experience to use so the world can see how awesome my sister is! AND although I am no artist, I have been dabbling in recreating vintage things into new, fun nautical pieces, photography and of course writing (this is a blog after all).

Day of boats and beaches – Block Island, RI

Although we are sisters and completely the same in a lot of ways – we are also COMPLETELY different in a lot of ways! Cheri definitely specializes in anything and everything Sailor Jerry, art with a tattoo flair, among many other things, and I tend to like things that are beachy chic, vintage nautical. Of course, we both often fit all of the above into each of our styles!

Also, we are not ashamed to say we ROCK OUT to KE$HA 🙂 Here is us at her concert in Boston last summer!

So to recap:

We love everything shabby chic, nautical, sailor jerry, or anything just plain cool…these sisters have it covered from weddings, home decor and fun accessories and more!
Read through our kick ass Lifestyles blog and let us know what you think!

We welcome feedback, love, endorsements, suggestions and we would love to talk to you about product reviews, giveaways or any other fun ideas!


Sailor Chrissy

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