Buffalo Chicken Wing DIP Recipe!

Ok, here it is! The one and the ONLY – Chrissy famous Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip Recipe! Except it’s not technically mine and a bunch of other people make it as well. But not-for-nothing, if you haven’t come across this little gem yet – ITS ABOUT TIME! The HIT of any party -guaranteed.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip:

What You Will Need: (for 1 party platter serving)

buffalo chicken wing dip ingredients

1 8oz package Cream Cheese – Don’t scrimp, get Philadelphia

2 cups of Shredded Cheddar Cheese (normally 1 bag)

about 4 cans of Canned Chicken (4 cans or 2/
3 double cans -use your judgement as you mix)

1 bottle of Frank’s Buffalo Sauce (you will use about 3/4 or to taste)

1 bag of tostitos – scoooops (just do it-they’ll thank you)!!!

optional: crumbled blue cheese OR ranch dressing AND/OR celery – to taste

Honestly, I hate to share this recipe with the masses because I seem SO COOL when I show up with this. But I hope that even more people can enjoy this simple recipe., Everyone I know raves about it!

Mix the ingredients above, and cook at about 350 degrees until everything is warmed up and bubbling ever so slightly (15 – 20 mins).

buffalo chicken wing dip

Perfect to take to a party – just bring all mixed in casserole dish and have host/hostess warm for about 15 minutes!

***I would have a photo of people thoroughly enjoying this buffalo chicken wing party dip, except for it always gets gobbled up too quickly!!!  #tastyfoodproblems



Sailor Sister, Chrissy :)

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6 responses to “Buffalo Chicken Wing DIP Recipe!

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  2. Love love love this dip but would never used canned chicken. Sorry but in my opinion that stuff is just plain gross! Cook up and shred your own or use a rotisserie…..

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